Sunday, 17 January 2010

2. Till death do us part

This book is situated in Cairo and Fayoum in the 50s

There is no doubt that this love awakened the demons of racism on the one hand and on the other joy for peace lovers in Egypt.
Finally two communities could bond and rejoice in a new beginning between Jews and Moslems after the disastrous 1948 war for the Arab world that had lost the war against Israel.
The lovers became so well known that they could no longer go out without creating a movement of the population in favour of the couple! Everyone wanted to touch them, express their approval, showing that deep down Jews and Moslems could live together.
But the roots of hatred are difficult to eradicate.

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  1. Rhéa Amelon Valascakis28 January 2010 at 07:02

    C’est le récit passionné et passionnant de l’amour, sur l’amour et pour l’amour entre deux êtres sincères dans leurs croyances respectives dans un contexte Egyptien.