Sunday, 17 January 2010

- Introduction -

The Golden Scarab
Sultanalatifasblog (part two)

I saw a golden scarab in the sand
And picked him up in my hand
He looked at me with eyes so green
I knew it could only be a dream

With this new blog, you are entering the realm of fiction.

The novels you are about to read are all situated in Egypt.
Someone said, “Once you have drunk the water of the Nile, you will drink it again”.
It is true that it is difficult to forget Egypt, no matter how much we have suffered there.
I have wanted to create a world of fiction but nevertheless so real that some have asked me if they were my stories!

Needless to say all these stories are fictitious!

Starting by the first trilogy, here is a story that may or may not have happened!

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1. Till love do us part

This book is situated in Cairo and Alexandria in the 50s

The first volume of this trilogy relates the birth of a forbidden love transcending all the taboos of their societies between a very young Jewish girl Mahbouba, and a young Moslem Tarek.
Nothing could stop them from loving each other. The eventual dire consequences of their passion required the highest secrecy in their relations.
No one was to know of their relationship…

2. Till death do us part

This book is situated in Cairo and Fayoum in the 50s

There is no doubt that this love awakened the demons of racism on the one hand and on the other joy for peace lovers in Egypt.
Finally two communities could bond and rejoice in a new beginning between Jews and Moslems after the disastrous 1948 war for the Arab world that had lost the war against Israel.
The lovers became so well known that they could no longer go out without creating a movement of the population in favour of the couple! Everyone wanted to touch them, express their approval, showing that deep down Jews and Moslems could live together.
But the roots of hatred are difficult to eradicate.

3. Till the Nile runs dry

This last book of the trilogy is situated both in Egypt and in a kibbutz in Israel in the 50s.

Without revealing the essence of this story, once more a couple of different origins is struck by the virus of an indefectible love, no matter the consequences.
The ups and downs of this story between Tarek’s brother Amir, a ladies’ man, and his courting of Julie, Bouba’s clone while he is engaged to Leah, Bouba’s sister, create havoc in the family.
Will true love win?

4. Entrapment

Living in the 'harret el yahud', the Jewish poor quarter, Rahhel is trapped into a marriage with a rich high-ranking Egyptian officer through the help of a marriage broker used to catering for important people. The protection of this officer according to Rahhel’s mother will shield the family from the crowds maddened by the future birth of the State of Israel.
It is also the only way her widowed mother has found to escape poverty.

Rahhel marries her officer in a sumptuous wedding where even King Farouk is present and very soon, in spite of her new lavish life, the receptions at the Royal Palace and anything she could dream of, she even enters the inner circle of VIPs who do not know she is Jewish.
She is revolted by the treatment of Egyptian Jews!
Blood is thicker than water!
In her particularly well-placed position by her marriage she overhears secret plans to destroy Israel. She accepts to become a SHAI agent during the troubled period preceding
The 1948 War between Egypt and Israel.

This story has a dual ending. You can choose the one you prefer.

5. The crocodile smile

There are two stories in this book that finally interact.

In 1932 the Chief Rabbi contacts a Jewish family in Egypt having six daughters to marry.
Ephraim living in Haifa, Palestine has asked him to choose a wife for him.
Ephraim boards his smoky slow train from Palestine to Cairo and meets his future wife, her sisters and the imposing future Hama, mother-in-law.

1956: How to stop the endless wars between Egypt and Israel?
Very simple according to Israeli intelligence:
Send over a BBV, beautiful blonde virgin, seduce Nasser’s son, kidnap him and force his father to sign a lasting peace.
In theory everything was clear-cut.
In practice, it was another story!

6. The ebony child

1900: Cairo, Egypt, during the golden years of Egyptian Jewry, the daughter of a prominent Jewish family Farha who married Shimon Nakash son of another wealthy family gives birth to a black son Solomon, born without the Mila (prepuce).
According to what is said, this only happens once in a million times, indicating that the boy will be a genius.

As a result of this fediha, scandal, her in-laws who consider she has betrayed their son reject her! Her family knows she is without fault.
Consequently a feud results between the two families.
Who will crush the other?

However the Ebony child growing in beauty and intelligence with the precious gift of healing will be considered as a redeemer and protector of the Jewish Community.
The Community turns against the groom’s family. Every time they leave their home, Jews spit on them and their life becomes unbearable.
The child’s grandparents believe that one day he will be the chief Rabbi of Egyptian Jews.
Solomon in the Bible was a wise man, or so they tell us, will this Solomon also be one?